Welcome to the official site of Ponderosa Men's Basketball 

  Where Champions are Made!

Our goal is simple ..... Be the BEST!  It is a worthy goal that is attainable.  Mediocrity is not acceptable.  We desire to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack and make our mark in this world ... Both on the court and off.  We believe that the pursuit of “Excellencein every area of one’s life translates to success on and off the court.  All relationships in our basketball program are of paramount importance to us.  Our coaches care about the success of each and every player.  We believe we have assembled the BEST coaching staff anywhere.  A staff of dedicated Men who's soul desire is to HELP develop young MEN into not only great competitors, warriors, champions .... but to develop great future Leaders, Husbands, Fathers, and Positive Contributors to our global world. 

Our Main Goal: The pursuit of “Excellence