Welcome to the official site of Ponderosa Men's Basketball Program 

Our program qualified for Colorado 5A/4A State Play-offs under Coach Gibbs Leadership:

2013-2014, 2011-2012, and 2009-2010 seasons

  It is About Ponderosa Men’s Basketball Program. It is About YOU!

Relationships are the foundation of every quality educational and athletic pursuit. We believe that all relationships in our basketball program should be centered on mutual respect, knowledge of individual’s personal goals, team goals, educational experiences, and personal strengths, and weaknesses on and off the court. Our coaches must first and foremost understand each of our student-athletes as individuals and as human beings. Each student-athlete has a variety of experiences, knowledge, and skills that make them unique as players. All coaches will start from this foundation in order to provide relevant, rigorous training, and basketball skill development for our student-athletes. 
Relevance - We are seeking to perfect our skills during practice to be able to apply them to game situations.   Rigor – Allows every student-athlete in our basketball program to understand in a deep, meaningful, and practical way  how to transfer our coaching expertise into action. Our rigorous training will serve as a common target for players, coaches, and parents on an annual basis.
Our coaches are committed to our spring and summer programs to ensure proper player development on all levels. We would like players and parents to be committed to our basketball program on a year round basis including our strength training program. We will play in several local events as well as travel to national NCAA certified events each year for player exposure.
These are exciting times for Ponderosa Men's Basketabll Program!  We are experiencing tremendous growth in our basketball program and feeder system. We attribute this success to our dedication to our players on and off the court.
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Mike Gibbs, Ponderosa Men's Varsity Coach